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Hi! I'm Corey! 

Founder and Lead Program Facilitator for The Light Side. Combining over a decade of corporate consulting and people change management expertise with advanced training in yoga, reiki energy healing and meditation, I've developed an approach to transformation that is unique, effective and lasting.

I've spent many years helping large corporations, small to medium sized companies and individuals move from one state of being to another and, I've mastered what works. My formula is the game-changer which creates incredible, lasting results.  

Whether you seek to find a little calm in the chaos or, wish to create a totally brand new world for yourself and transform your reality, I can help. I specialize in illuminating what's in your space, holding you back from greatness. Then, I guide you through it to develop your power and transcend those blocks with ease and grace so to create and bring to life that which your heart desires most.

It is with such love and excitement that I humbly offer The Light Side as community, inspiration and support to all of you out there walking your path. The Light Side is a reminder that there is always light on your side, guiding you home to your truth- that you are whole, complete and perfect and one hell of a powerful creator. Thank you for embracing your light. You are amazing. 

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In Light,

xo Corey

Certified Yoga Instructor- RYT | Sivasoorya Divine School of Yoga, India
Advanced Yoga Nidra & Limiting Beliefs Certification
Reiki Master