healing therapy insights: yoga nidra

Yoga Nidra is one of my favorite healing modalities- its extremely relaxing, available to everyone (no experience with yoga is required) and its a p r o f o u n d way to incorporate self-love/ self-care and healing into your world. This practice has been a game-changing addition to my personal journey.

Yoga Nidra means "yogic sleep"; it is state of conscious, deeply relaxing and highly restorative meditation. This practice is one of the deepest forms of meditation; the body is still and completely relaxed (we lay in savasana for 30-45 mins) allowing the nervous system the opportunity to rest and truly have a break, something that in today's go-go-go world that is more difficult to attain than we realize.  In this beautiful relaxed state, we surrender the body and the mind to supreme stillness, insight and healing and have the opportunity to break through subconscious layers of fear, programming and limiting beliefs that might otherwise block connection to our true and higher essence.

 ...yoga nidra is a deeply restorative and relaxing practice.  

...yoga nidra is a deeply restorative and relaxing practice.

What I love, love, LOVE about this practice is that while it is lead/ guided by a teacher the work is done individually. Hands-on healing modalities are super effective ways to move blocks and energy but ultimately rely on someone else to move things along however, with Yoga Nidra you are doing all the work. In the quiet stillness of rest, you have access and opportunity to tune into your internal awareness. Here, in this state of mind we uncover our true hearts desire and illuminate/ become aware of that which is keeping us from what we truly want. Only once we see what is holding us back can we truly move forward.

The beautiful changes that I've realized in my world thanks to this practice have been incredible. Getting clear on my old patterns hasn't been easy, but becoming aware of these subconscious blocks and blasting them away with Sankalpa (the positive affirmation/ declaration we work with in the practice that counters our subconscious limiting beliefs), has truly altered the way I feel inside and interact with the world around me- I am more connected to my light (my wholeness) and able to act with clear intent, sharp awareness of my triggers and the ability to stay in my power and choose not to give into them when/ if they show up.

I recommend this practice to everyone! This year, there is a collective energy calling us to get honest with ourselves about what we want and we are being asked to go after it/ stop living small. This practice is a gentle, loving way to connect within, expand our awareness about who we are and shed the layers if who we are not so we can live big, in our fullest potential and achieve what our hearts are longing for.

I hope you'll consider this amazing practice for yourself. Offerings from The Light Side can be found here.