sole: himalayan salt water solution & why you should use it

Earlier this year, I went on an a m a z i n g roadtrip adventure to the West Coast to attend the Victoria Yoga Conference. While I was there, I was introduced to something pretty incredible called "Sole" (sol-ay).

 ...salt of life Himalyan pink salt rocks  

...salt of life Himalyan pink salt rocks  

Sole is the result you get when you mix (ethically mined/ food grade) himalyan salt with (pure/ spring) water. While simple in terms of its two ingredient make, it is a pretty impression little concotion. The  solution is chalked full of minerals and is an electrolyte balancer; the idea is to take a teaspoon of Sole every day, like a supplement, on an empty stomach.

 .... Mixed solution, solé 

.... Mixed solution, solé 

How Does it Work?

We've all heard about electrolytes and the importance of staying hydrated- proper electrolyte balance is necessary for nerve and muscle function, and to regulate blood pressure. If things get imbalanced, either with too many electrolytes or too few, you may experience anything from weakness to the most extreme outcome, death. You can get plenty of sodium from table salt, so why Himalayan? Well, table salt doesn’t have the good trace minerals that (ehtically mined!!!) Himalayan salt does, specifically potassium and calcium, the two other most important electrolytes. These are the three electrolytes that facilitate muscle contraction. Without a proper balance of them, you’d feel weak or cramp up. But what you may not realize is that our bodies use up electrolytes just like water. Electrolyte deficiency is different than dehydration; hydrating doesnt mean we are getting enough electrolytes. Himalayan salt is rich in minerals; it has many healthy and difficult-to-consume-enough-of minerals like iron, sulphate, magnesium, chloride, and iodine, among others. These minerals promote health, and are often difficult to consume with regularity if your diet is varied.

Sole is an all natural electrolyte supplement that comes straight from the Earth. How amazing is that?

I purchased the salt for my Sole from Salt of Life, a vendor at the yoga conference who specializes in ethically-mined himalayan salt. Chistine, the owner of Salt of Life took me on a salt journey to help me understand the difference between himalyan salt that was ethically and naturally harvested vs. that which has been harvested via more technologically advanced methods. The natural salt was subtle on the tongue while the other was quite noticably more "salty"... sounds weird I know, but by way of the taste test it became very clear to me what processing does to the salt that unnessarily changes its taste and benefit.

How to Make Sole...

It's so simple- just take your ethically-mined bag of salt and place them in a class ceramic jar with approx a quart of purified water (i use water from the natural spring in Banff) for 24 hours. Let the salt and water do its thing, and voila! You have Sole.  The large chunks will gradually dissolve as you add fresh, unsaturated water to the container. Using this method will ensure you never run out of Himalayan Sole Solution.

You don't have worry about the salt going bad because this solution is completely antimicrobial. Start taking about one tablespoon per day in 8 ounces of purified water  every morning on an empty stomach. Remember, you’re still consuming salt, and too much can have a negative effect on your blood pressure; always check with your own health care practioner before you begin any new health regime but my experience with this so far has been great. I feel energized by the solution as part of my regular routine.

Salt of Life's website ( is under construction right now, but from what I understand, you'll be able purchase the salt online once it's up and running.