new light, shining bright

Happy New Year, Light Siders!

Wow! Here it is! 2-0-1-7!!!The beginning of a fresh New Year: 365 days of possibility! Can you feel it?

A new light shines bright for us as we step into this brand new cycle! I'm not one for making a big list of resolutions but I do love making time to get quiet and reconnect with my heart this time of year; I check in with what's swirling inside of me and use it to create my path forward.

 ...get quiet, get still... listen to the whispers of the heart

...get quiet, get still... listen to the whispers of the heart

To help you start your New Year off in this connected way, I wanted to share this simple Heart's Desire Meditation Exercise that will help you anchor in to your hearts deepest longing. Get quiet, get still, hear the whispers of your heart, capture them in your journal or day planner and let them guide the way for you this year.

Heart's Desire Meditation: Find a quiet, peaceful space. Sit or lay comfortably on the floor. close your eye. Exhale all your air and at the bottom of your exhale, stay empty for a count of three. Slowly and gently, breath in through the nose, filling your lungs. At the top of the exhale, pause for three counts. Repeat this breath sequence two more times. Feel the space within your body once you're complete and let the breath return to its natural rhythm. Tune into the sound of your heart beat. Imagine the heart space as a warm, illuminated chamber. Enter inside. Take off your shoes and have a seat at the altar within. Ask yourself, "what does my heart desire"?What lives within you, asking to be birthed? What possibility waits to be lived into? What do you wish to create? Capture what calls to your heart on a blank page. Review what came to you in the stillness of this exercise. How does what you've captured make you feel? What do you need to release to bring your heart's desire to life? Where must you go? What must you learn? If you were already living your heart's desire, how would you complete the statement "I AM..." On a new blank page, complete the following declarations:

This year...

I feel:

I let go of:

I travel to:

I learn:

I reclaim:

I create:


I hope you find inspiration and direction for the year ahead with this activity!

I wish you all the best for this most beautiful year that is upon us; may it be full of SO MUCH love, light and abundance!