don't worry, you're not the only one.

Now days we have all kinds of access to technology. We hold extraordinary power in our hot little hands- our smart phones are 1000 times more powerful that the computers I remember having as a kid (floppy discs... hello!!). With such amazing computing power at our fingertips, we have the ability to track our lives in very powerful ways. There are apps that willtrack progress on just about anything- we can track personal goals focused on health and wellbeing- how many steps we take, how many times a week we've meditated, how far we've jogged/ hiked/ biked or climbed. Professionally, we can track website traffic, likes on social media and top selling products or services. We have access to all kinds of data and analytics.

OK. So....Where am I going with this? Well, I have to admit I can be a bit of a geek when it comes to data and trend analysis and I recently read a statistic that got me thinking about this cool little topic for the blog. The statistic I read was that gyms see an increase of 33-50% in volume come January with what they call the "New Years Resolution Crowd". It's reported that the second week of January is almost always the busiest of the year for gyms. Then, about 80% of the New Years Resolutions crowd drops off by the second week of February. So this means that on average, 80% of those who set out with a "get fit" New Years resolution taper off around this time.

There is a reason for this!

When I read these statistics, I wasn't surprised. There are countless studies on New Year resolutions that prove that they simply don't work. A New Year's resolution is just will power turned on the last day of the year. And if we could make meaningful change just by declaring our will power as "ON" when it comes to communicating more clearly and more authentically from a place of power, tapping into abundance, getting that dream job, finding the partner of your dreams, restoring your zest for life and living in optimum health then I mean, lets face it, we'd be making all kinds of awesome and permanent change without fuss, frustration or set back.

And then all of a sudden it's April!

However, for us humans, change is hard! There is also all kinds of studies published about the psychology of change which highlight all the "stuff" we humans are up against when it comes to making meaningful, sustainable change in our life. The trends in these studies are, again, not shocking. They tell of a story that is all too familiar and goes like this: you get a notion, you declare what you'll change, take a few steps in the right direction and then BAM before you know it is April and your Spring break vacation has arrived, that teeny weenie yellow polka dot bikini ain't getting any bigger and your are not the 15lbs lighter version of yourself that you resolved yourself to be when you clinked champagne classes with your bestie as the clock struck midnight on December 31.

Whatever the failed change may have been- getting healthier, learning to meditate, being more communicative with your partner or rekindling the spark of romance in your once hot (now lukewarm) sex life....the pattern is the same: the self-nagging begins, the disappointment sets in. You are frustrated at your lack of action. You are ashamed because you promised yourself this time you'd rock that bikini and you failed, again.

For me the worst emotion is shame at having failed. It's unbearable.

The sense of shame is HUGE. It's so big that is causes people to stop trying to improve because they can't bear the feeling of trying and failing.

Your story can be different.

So, you've tried and failed. Don't worry, you're not the only one. BUT, I stand for you having a different outcome this year. Your story can be different. To start off 2017 off powerfully, I have created a program that will help you be successful in the short term AND will teach you how to make create and sustain important change in your life in the long term by getting down to, what I call, the foundation of yourself: your belief system. Your beliefs run everything- your thoughts, your emotions, your actions (or lack thereof)... it all comes down to what you really, truly believe. So often our beliefs are hidden in the unconscious and are impossible to identify on our own. I've developed a process that can help.

The process includes 5 key steps:

1) I teach you techniques to expand your emotional intelligence so that you have the capacity and ability through clarity of mind and awareness to identify your core limiting beliefs.
2) We explore your belief system and the self-imposed limitations you've created from them which prevent you from achieving your goals. 
3) We will gain clarity about what it is you want and why you want it. I teach you how to re-program your beliefsand create what you want.
4) As you process and re-program your belief system we will clear emotion and physical blocks through energy healing.
5) We'll get into and process fear. The number one reason that we fail at making progress or change is because we often fear being successful at our goals. What if we're successful and then fall back into where we were? We will have to work even harder to maintain the success we achieve in the first place... Or, we worry that if we are successful at this goal, then there is an expectation placed on us to be great at everything! Yes, we dig into these crazy stories that we create out of our belief system.

The program runs over six weeks and is available worldwide. It is delivered via online learning modules, personal exercises & activities as well as weekly one-on-one coaching calls. Each week I will work you through the program content and steps, answer all of your questions about the process and create your personalized action plan.

If I told you that you can avoid this year being another year of missed opportunities, failure and shame wouldn't you leap at the chance? For this promise, I would most certainly leap AND make this my #1 priority.

Imagine what it will be like not to need to create resolutions next year because you have you've mastered the most powerful way to make meaningful change in your life.

Getting started is simple. Book your complimentary assessment call.