...getting back-to-basics with handwritten letters and cards to create connection

It's a rare thing these days to receive a hand written letter--its all about texts, emails and messaging on social media. While convenient, and incredible really how communication has evolved, writing or receiving a handwritten note has seemingly become a thing of the past...our writing pads replaced with electronic tablets and our pens with touch screen keyboards leaving us with communication that is instant, but in my opinion with having lost its charm. 

A few weeks ago, as part of my 2015 theme: "Create" (see my post about creating your own theme here), I set out to "Create Connection" through handwritten letters and cards. As I enjoyed writing and creating connection, I discovered a few things along the way-- it turns out, whilst not the popular trend in communication today, that the simplicity and awesomeness of pen to paper had more to offer than I ever could have imagined.

...ready to write! The scene from my desk a few weeks ago, writing letters and cards to friends and family. 

1) The Gift of Presence...

The thought and time that goes into writing a letter or a card is what makes them so special. Nowadays, with all the other means of instant communication available at our fingertips, putting pen to paper says "I put the world aside for a moment to think of you and be present with you (whether near or far)". I especially love doing this with post cards when I am away traveling-- there is such an authentic reflection and appreciation of home and it's people when you're away and it shines through in a big way in the short-but-sweet message of a post card.

In the busy lives we all lead, time is precious: giving time and presence to someone means more than ever! 

2) Little Things Go Along Way...  

Finding cute cards and stationary to make this writing endeavor extra special is a really fun way to get started. This doesn't have to be an expensive undertaking or even store-bought for that matter (you can make your own for an extra, extra special treat!), it's about making it personal. Perhaps the one you are writing to loves a certain flower, scene or quote/saying or a maybe they just adore a certain color-- this is perfect! Use these meaningful details to customize your note/ letter to their liking. It's that little extra thought that lets them know this is an effort put forth especially for them. Also, get creative with it! And don't forget the envelope: Dress is up! Make it simple! Seal it with a kiss for your honey! Let your creativity flow! 

3) Indulge The Anticipation...  

One of the most fun things about letter/ card writing is the anticipation of its arrival. This is like an "anti-read-receipt movement"--you just have to wait and indulge the excitement and anticipation of your words reaching their destination and the mailbox of the intended! And then, there is the anticipation of the return correspondence in your own mailbox. 

...writing post cards to my loved ones while on a recent trip to Maui, HI

So, in honoring the fun I've been having creating connection with handwritten notes and letters and post cards, I hope you're eager to try get back to basics with your connections too.

Happy writing!