the grow project

What is the grow project? 

Well, you see. I have always wanted to grow fresh veggies and herbs in my very own garden and this year, I am finally going to create one and do just that!

The grow project is a fun way for you and I to grow together; I hope you'll follow along on this endeavour! I'll be sharing my experience as I go-- everything from garden prep (i.e. setting up my planters, making a compost, selecting what to grow, planting), right through to harvest! You can follow along and create your own garden as we go or just tune in for the fun of it. Together, we'll have some fun learning how to grow yummy organic food, right in our own backyards! 

Why the grow project? 

Well, for the obvious reason of course: I want the freshest, healthiest produce I can find and what better way to get that than to grow it myself? I see it as a labour of love to nurture my little seedlings to harvest and as a special treat to enjoy the wholesome nourishment they will provide.

But, I have my sentimental reasons as well. Starting with all of the wonderful memories I have of gardening with my Grandpa. His garden was more than just a garden to him and was our "place". Often this is where you'd find the two of us-- tending the garden, or out on the patio, perched facing the garden, catching up over a cup of tea. What I wouldn't give now to be able to pop over to his house like I used to and indulge in that exact scene; I miss those sunny afternoons together-- the way his face would light up when he'd see me open the back gate, calling out to him, asking (knowing exactly) where he was (tending to the garden). Just walking past fresh dill in the grocery store transports me right back to that house, to that garden, to those moments with him. 

Those moments were simple; they filled my heart with light then and they continue to do so when I reflect upon them now....Gardening, while I know has its complexities and tricks, is in essence, simple. You want fresh veggies, so you go outside and plucked them from the earth. I want that simplicity to be part of my life today. I want the food I cook not only to be made with love as I prepare and serve it, but to be grown with love, too! 

I aim to fill my life with things that nourish my body, mind and soul-- growing a garden offers that nourishment on all three of those levels. And, I just simply love to create! So, when you put all of these elements together, that's the what and the why behind the grow project! 

I can't wait to get started! 

Come, grow with me.