the grow project: july update

Its been a few months since the planters arrived and the seeds were planted and we are proud to share that we have a pretty cute little crop growing!! 

The kale and the cilantro seem to be thriving...the tomatoes have grown about 10 inches since they were planted and finally have a few buds on them. The carrots and beets are sprouting away and the mint is overflowing! Sadly, the arugula didn't survive the transplant and the basil is still pretty teenie-weenie, but hopefully with a little more sun and heat it will perk up.  


For my little urban garden, I used Sea Soil, a natural organic growing soil created from a mixture of fish and forest fines (I had good help with lifting the bags! See pic below!). I heard about this product from one of my energy therapists, who grows a beautiful garden every year. I asked her what her secret was, half expected her answer to be something like "you set an intention and visualize the harvest" but it was far more simpler than that: "Sea soil", she said. You can find sea soil locally at Golden Acre Garden Sentre (thats not a typo- they spell it with an "S"....). I had never been to this garden centre before; its HUGE! So many flowers and plants AND they have a concession with popcorn; as I perused the rows of beautiful flowers, I happily munched on a few kernels. It was just delightful. wonderful helper, Jeff filling the planters with Sea Soil. 

It took a little bit of finessing to get the garden prepped for successful growing; keeping aware of companion planning, I needed to figure out what I could and could not plant together in each of the planter boxes. I had to keep the beans away from the chives, the cilantro away from the tomatoes and the dill away from the carrots (although I did end up having to put these two near-ish to each other...). I ended up putting the tomatoes in their own in pots and have them on the sunniest side of the patio (they like the heat!) and put the corn, beans, basil and arugula together (although sadly, the arugula didn't make it!) in one container and the cilantro, dill, beats, carrots and kale and chives in the other planter box. Both boxes get most of the midday sun but with some protection and shade from the tree on this side of the yard. The mint (which will take over wherever its planted so I thought it best to let it be alone), cabbage and lavender are also living comfortably solo in little pots. So far, so good for them! 

When I was out shopping for seeds and soil, I saw little baby corn stalks and got pretty excited about them; I thought why not grow some corn?! Not sure how big the corn will get in the planters but we'll see what happens! If its mini corn, I say even better!! 

Its been so exiting to see everything sprout up and I've been enjoying the time I spend outside in the backyard pruning, watering and peeking for buds with excitement. I find myself wanting to out in the yard more often, just sharing space with the life growing around me. I've also been doing some reading on The Green Man lately (an ancient symbol of our relationship to the plant kingdom; you can find more info here), which I think has boosted my new appreciation for plants in general. I find it so simple, yet profound how a tiny seed breaks itself open and finds its way through the dark, toward the light until it breaks free. There is so much we can learn from nature, isn't there? 

I look forward to keeping you posted on the grow project; soon the little buds will be yummy fruits and veggies that I will serve to my friends and family! I can hardly wait! 

I hope your summer is off to a great start so far! 

With Love & Light,