healing therapy insights

Hello Everyone! And, welcome to The Light Side's latest blog series, "healing therapy insights"! I hope you are as excited as we are. 

Amathyst...a healing stone. Promotes peacefulness, happiness, contentment, emotional healing and inner strength  

Healing therapy has been a huge part of my inner journey for quite some time. What started with yoga and meditation has expanded over the years to include reiki, shen, theta healing, acupuncture, yoga nidra, spacial dynamics, biodynamic craniosacral therapy and shamanic healing. Certain therapies I do on a regular basis while others I do from time to time, as needed.

I keep a very open mind and heart when it comes to my personal journey; I've learned that when you need them the most, you'll be given Divine nudges toward the love and support needed to move forward and grow. As such, the showing up of and opportunities to explore various healing therapies always seemed to have found me most serendipitously, when I've needed them most. Some were temporary, helping me work through certain layers of myself and/or prepare me for the next, deeper level. Others help integrate the work of another and are less consistent but ALL have been so profound in my world bringing about incredibly positive change. Each type of therapy and each practitioner, respectively has felt like a part of my Soul family, showing up for me and gently guiding me down the illuminated path inward to my authentic, higher self. 

This work can be tough, after all your getting in touch with your true authentic self, facing truths, fears, blocks and challenges head on; there are days where sloughing through the heavy stuff can feel unbearable and miserable. But,  the work is also very beautiful, connected and so important. When you realize the subtle (and sometimes not so subtle) shifts that happen, its also incredibly empowering. 

Healing therapy has helped me truly embrace, fall in love with and honor my authentic self; it has supported and continues to support my journey and commitment to embracing the light within and to living life, on the light side. Over the next few weeks of this blog series, I'll feature insight into various healing modalities with intention to share information with those who might be curious and/ or considering one or more of them and who might benefit from a simple, straightforward summary of someone else's experience.  

With Light & Love,