picnic love

If you've been following us on Pinterest, you may have noticed the endless amounts of picnic pics that've been pinned to the "travel & adventure" board lately. We miiiiight be a little bit obsessed, but let's be honest...what's not to love about a picnic?! You've got yummy food and snacks to nourish your body packed along on an adventure out somewhere that makes your eyes bright, your heart sing and soothes your Soul. You can go alone to enjoy solitude or with some great company to spend quality time.  

Pretty awesome (and beautifully, simple) stuff, right?! We think so. And as such, we're delighted to dedicate this post to some of our favourite picnic memories!

Last fall, on one of my favorite road rides of the season heading out to Johnston Canyon I was charmed by the little docks along Vermilion Lakes Drive (part of the Banff Legacy Trail, located about 5 mins west of the Banff townsite) as we rode by. I stopped to take in the view and said to my love "what a perfect spot for a picnic! I have to come back!". With impressive views of Banff's most recognizable mountain (Mount Rundle) and rich cultural history, it screamed "ideal picnic spot"!

And so a couple of weeks ago, I went back to that very spot, seizing the opportunity to spend some quality time in nature and the quiet. It was such a wonderful day- warm with a slight breeze, not too hot... Just right!

That morning, I prepared the picnic fixin's with sich Joy, happy to be getting more use out of the adorable picnic basket I had picked up last summer at the farmers market. If you're looking for a basket of your own, check out these lovelies from Pier One and Bed Bath & Beyond. I particularly love this Somerset Basket. And, for the real connoisseur, you'll definitely want to check out this has-it-all, deluxe Windsor Basket.

Of course, you'll also need a blanket. Any blanket will do really; find one that you have around the house that don't mind getting a little dirty. Old sheets work too. You can get creative; for a more feminine feel, you can add old vintage tea cups and floral sheets or blankets. For a more masculine feel, go for more blue's and greens or maybe a  tartan pattern. Personally, I've been loving all things HBC Collection these days; any one of these charming throws would be perfect for a picnic, camping, or just to have for lounging around the home. For added comfort on your picnic, you can even bring along throw pillows.

When it comes to the menu, I like to keep it simple. My basket has a thermal lining so things keep cool for at least a few hours however, a few ice packs in any basket will keep food cool while en route to your picnic destination of choice.  For my afternoon on the docks, I brought along tasty fresh fruit, a gluten free pasta salad that I had prepared the night before and a charcuterie board with our favorite meats and cheeses!

I had such a lovely time just Being there, enjoying the beautiful and inspiring scenery! That day, I even caught a glimpse of (at a safe distance of course!!) a female grizzly bear that has been bear-ing around the area the past few weeks; she was beautiful, busily foraging through the forest, snacking on berries. It was magical to see! Always stay alert for signs about bears in the area and/or check the Parks Canada bear update page . And as always, NEVER feed the bears! We are in their home, always respect that!

Of course, with the warmer temperatures, summer is ideal for picnics: you can take your picnic virtually anywhere and soak in the sun! However, you don't have to limit yourself to just the summer months! I've enjoyed fall picnics in the fresh crisp autumn air, cozied up in sweaters, socks and blankets with a thermos of warm cocoa; you can also incorporate soups, teas and hot totties into fall picnics and fall is my favorite season so I get pretty excited about them!

Last winter, I set out snowshoeing near Chester Lake for a snowy picnic in the forest- it was so much fun! After all that work climbing, you don't mind the cool because you've worked up a sweat and resting to nibble was the perfect way refuel for the second lag.

I think you're getting the idea... If there is a picnic involved, I'm game and will love every minute of it!! Now all that's left to do is for you to try too! Pick a spot, spread out your blanket and make a picnic adventure memory of your own!

have fun!