healing therapy insights: shamanic healing

The first type of healing therapy to be showcased in our "healing therapy insights" series is Shamanic Healing. Having just recently had my very first shamanic healing session, it seems like the perfect place to start! I am so excited to share my experience with you all. Everything about my experience- how and when it showed up for me and the positive impact its had on my world since, leaves me so full of gratitude and eager to shine some l i g h t on this particular modality.  

So, pour yourself a cup of tea, snuggle up somewhere cozy and relax as I take you back to the beginning of my Divinely-orchestrated journey into alignment with my Spirit Animal and clearing of energetic imprints.  

I had been curious over the past few years about working with a Shaman; I really knew nothing about what seeing a Shaman would entail but now and then the thought would pop into my head, catching my interest just long enough for me to make a mental note to check it out sometime.  Until a few weeks ago when a reoccurring dream, a simple intention and, of all things, a 'like' on social media presented the opportunity (Divine gift!) of a Shamanic Healing session with the extraordinary Kael Klassen  and I knew it was time to explore this!

I've said it before and I will say it until the day I leave this world- the serendipitous nature of life, NEVER ceases to amaze me. If I ever forget that things always work out exactly as they should, exactly when they are supposed to, I am never far from a sweet reminder. My appointment with Kael was just this.

I woke up three mornings in a row having had the same dream- I was being led by a young Native American woman through a grassy field toward a traditional-style tipi. She held my hand as we swept through entrance, greeted by group of women gathered around a small fire. The young woman stayed close to me, slightly behind me as if to present me to the others. I stood calmly in silence before them, meeting each of their gaze one at a time before my eyes were finally drawn to the most elderly of the group. The old woman lifted her head, keenly scanning my person, looking into me rather than at me. Behind her eyes was a thousand lifetimes of wisdom- a rare depth and knowledge that only a select few in this world have.  Her inscrutable face softened the instant her sage eyes met mine; her warmth was palpable as she smiled a gentle, welcoming smile and extended her frail hand out toward me. The silence of the moment was first interrupted by a loud crackle of the fire then, as tiny embers floated up into the air like stardust, was followed by the old woman's voice softly beckoning,  "Come, child. We've been expecting you". 

The morning after the third dream was a Saturday. When I woke, I remembered the dream more vividly than I had the other times. Every detail stirred in my mind as I tried to decipher its significance. The weight of the scene, the feeling I felt as I stood before the women in the tipi lingered within me, as did the weight of my purpose for being there. I knew there was something I was supposed to do with this, I knew that much for sure. But what? I decided to get dressed and go ponder all of this over a few livening sips of coffee at my favourite coffee shop. Using  the theme and the details  I remembered from the dream, I started searching for things like Native American tipis, Grandmother energy and Shaman practices on Google. Not long into my search, I was interuppted by a phone call from a girlfriend who was calling to see what I was up to. I told her about my dreams and what I had been searching and then all at once I realized what I needed to do and I stated my intention to find a Shaman. She could tell I was on a mission so she wished me luck and told me to keep her posted.  After I hung up with her, I opened up Instagram to take care of a bit of work for The Light Side and noticed that I had a new 'like' on a post from earlier that week. It was from a profile I didn't recognize; I always like to return the love with a reciprocal 'like' so I clicked on the profile to explore. I didn't get very far in exploring the gallery of pictures because my eyes immediately froze on one word in the profile- "Shaman".

Guess who? Yes. It was Kael's profile I had stumbled upon. I had found my Shaman. I didn't think it would happen so fast, but there right in front of me was all the confirmation I needed that I had discovered the message intended for me in the dream. I immediately looked up Kael on the web and emailed her to set up an appointment. A few days later, there I was on her doorstep. The details of the scene were so different than in my dream but the feeling was the same; I stepped through her doorway instead of into the tipi but was greeted with the same warmth, love and wisdom as from the wise Grandmother. 

I booked in for the whole shebang- the spirit animal connection and soul retrieval session. The first half of the session would focus on determining and connecting me with my spirit animal and the second half was centred on journeying to find the soul pieces that we're ready to be reintegrated back into my life. No biggie, right? LOL. Hardly! The 90 minutes spent with Kael that day were 90 of the most insightful and meaningful minutes of my life.

The session started with us talking about what had been going on in my life lately, the dreams I had been having, other energy work I had been doing, what led/ inspired me to book the session and what I was expecting to get out of it. We talked about areas of my life where I felt  stuck, about  patterns I noticed in my life that weren't working for me,  where fear shows up, and what had been happening within my physical body as of late. We talked about things I felt were holding me back and what I felt I could achieve if these things were not a factor anymore. Then, Kael had me lay down and get comfortable as she began to drum and began the process. 

Kael does all the work, you just have to show up with an open heart and open mind and be ready to receive the wisdom that comes through. The sound of her drumming was soothing and meditative; taking us both into a state of stillness. As I relaxed, Kael embarked on her journeybetween the physical world and the spiritual world to communicate with  guides who could provide information and the lost soul pieces that were available to be returned to me. 

 ... A Native American hand drum like the one used in the Shamanic Healing session  

... A Native American hand drum like the one used in the Shamanic Healing session  

After a number of minutes getting lost in the sound of the drum beating in harmony with my own Being (literally, the drum echo's the rhythm of your inner vibration and heartbeat), Kael returned to me to share her discovery- that my Spirit Animal is a Grizzly Bear! At first I was surprised but then I suddenly realized that bears had been showing up in my world in a myriad of ways, no doubt trying to be known, for the past year or so. I hadn't realized their presence was intended for me but once she told me about the Grizzly Bear, it made perfect sense and I knew, with all knowing, that this was indeed my animal. 

 ... The powerful Grizzly Bear!

... The powerful Grizzly Bear!

We talked about the meaning of the Grizzly Bear and explored characteristics of the animal that aligned with my own. I could immediately feel the power of my animal within; it felt like a part of me that had been there all along but was just waking up. In addition to the Spirit Animal information, Kael mentioned that a few energetic chords had  shown up too; she was a but surprised, as these sorts of things usually come up during the second half of the session during the soul retrieval but she took this as an indication that my Being was eager and ready to have them cut. I knew this was true; just like my dream had suggested, the Guides had been expecting me; it was time. As such, we moved right along into the soul retrieval. 

Kael describes the soul retrieval work as follows " The idea behind soul loss is that our soul's are absolutely pure and when confronted with a trauma or life altering event, a piece of our soul actually breaks away from our being, unwilling or unable to experience the ordeal. Each soul piece that we lose takes with it an energetic quality or virtue, which in turn can leave us feeling disconnected, disenchanted, lost, stuck, fearful, trapped in repeating negative patterns, depressed or anxious". After all of the information and pieces are collected, Kael shares with you what she was shown/ what pieces were ready to come back and relays any messages that the Guides want you to know. The session ended with energetic work to integrate my Spirit Animal and soul pieces back into my being and seal any of the energy chords that were cut; she smudged me and drummed over my body to complete the session and clear any last bits of energy that were no longer serving me. 

Each individuals soul retrieval session will be unique; it can be a very emotional experience and is something that is extremely personal. However,  I can share this about my session: Kael had access to information that no other person in my world could or would ever possibly know and the messages that came through her to me resonated very deeply. I thank her and the Spirit Guides every day for the pieces that were returned to me. 

Since my time with Kael, I've felt a renewed sense of wholeness and inner peace. I savour the feeling of being connected to my Spirit Animal and having what was lost returned; I am left feeling more empowered than ever to move forward toward the path of light and love.

I know it sounds like  this is some sort of magic, and thats because on some level it is. 

For for information on Shamanic Healing and other offerings from Kael, you can visit her website www.kaelklassen.com.