autumn love

It's a little hard to believe that September has arrived already, isn't it? Where did the summer go?  I really shouldn't be so surprised, though; I've grown accustom to longer days and more hours of sunlight being a time to get my work done before fall and winter come. Summers always seem to be busy and thus, it zooms on by. Of course though, I still make time for downtime and enjoyed some much-loved time away from the city bike riding, doing yoga and writing this summer but only in between what was a summer of movin' and shakin'!

However you spent your summer, I hope it was great and that September (and Fall!!) finds you feeling relaxed, refreshed and full of happy memories of time well spent!

I think I love Fall the most. There is something really special about this time of year; as it descends, something primal in me responds with keen, fierce attention. My eyes get wide taking in the beauty of turning trees, my skin is delightfully surprised by the suddenly crisp air. A noticeable new silence emerges and my ears savour the sound of quiet stillness. Fall is like the last few chapters of a really great book- it's the culmination, the resolution, the revealing of meaning at the end of the story.

Life begins its retreat and within me comes the urge to celebrate. I think my gladness draws from my deep love of journey and adventure and Fall is the time to reflect on the miles traveled and memories made. Autumn marks the downward, inward, quieting movement of life that is joyful and exciting. Yes, with it means that cold and darkness are just around the corner, but it’s closing the door against them and moving closer to the fire with loved ones that is so joyful. The long nights of stillness hold peace, rest from busy schedules and promises to return to self.

 ...the view from one of my favourite fall bike rides from Banff to Johnston Canyon, along the Bow Valley Parkway.

...the view from one of my favourite fall bike rides from Banff to Johnston Canyon, along the Bow Valley Parkway.

It is the quiet that opens inspiration.

It is this new sense of aliveness- the quiet inner vitality that makes the season so magical. This is why I just had to give Fall its own dedicated post on the blog.

Fall is the season of gratitude. We honor all of the gifts we've been given, the beautiful souls we have in our world and the unlimited abundance this life has to offer. We give thanks, share time with one another and appreciate the sweetness. As the days get shorter, Mother Nature is literally and figuratively saying "Come home"...Come home to your Nest, but also come home to yourself, realizing and appreciating your inner harvest.

With the Autumn Equinox, the season brings a natural balance of light and dark. The dark offers a place of silent nurturance, where the slow, steady gestation needed for our soul's growth can occur. Not only is the light a welcomed part of life, but so is a greater understanding of how much we need to befriend the dark.

It is also Fall that offers the perfect opportunity to practice letting go. The fallen leaves fluttering about on the ground are a reminder that nature's cycles are mirrored in our lives; just as the trees release their leaves to survive dormant hibernation, we too must release and let go of our burdens, getting out of the way of ourselves to journey within and prepare for growth. While you're cozied up by the fire, pull out a sheet of paper or your journal and write down that which you wish to release. Then, review it often throughout the season to maintain your intention. 

 ...soaking up the autumn sun! 

...soaking up the autumn sun! 

So, as we delight in pulling out your layers and cute fall fashion, sip on the sweet indulgence of pumpkin spice lattes and enjoy cozying up by the fire with good books and the smell of comfort food simmering away in the kitchen, I hope we'll also delight in and honor the season for its gratitude, balance, transition inward and letting go. 

With heart bursting with autumn love & light,