Present to Possibility- Afternoon Retreat Individual Registration

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Present to Possibility- Afternoon Retreat Individual Registration


If you're ready for a breakthrough in what's possible, then mark your planner for the Present to Possibility Afternoon Retreat. 

Here's what the afternoon entails: 

  • Light asana (movement) to open and prepare the body for meditation and expanded awareness 
  • Breathwork to center and calm the mind and open the heart 
  • A guided "heart's desire" meditation that's like a three-way call between you, your heart and your subconscious to gather all the information you need to start creating powerfully 
  • This practice also includes a mini-mastermind session on how to discover and transcend limiting beliefs 
  • Personal Present to Possibility Workbook 
  • Q&A + group discussion 
  • A deeply nourishing and powerful yoga nidra meditation 
  • *Halotherapy (salt therapy) for heightened tranquility and added health benefits 
  • Herbal tea + chocolate 
  • Complimentary yoga nidra meditation recording for home practice 

*The retreat will take place in the beautiful Himalayan salt therapy studio at The Joy & Vitality Centre (South Calgary). 

An afternoon of possibility. Because in discovering what you want as possible, you stop wishing for it and start living it. 

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