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Welcome to The Light Side.

We know that life becomes a whole lot lighter when you're free. As you discover freedom from limitation and begin living a life you absolutely love, you lighten. As you lighten, the faces and places around you lighten. As each us individually break free, we become the change that lightens the whole world. 

The Light Side is experiences that lighten. 

We work with individuals, groups, entrepreneurs and corporations ready to breakthrough surviving the ordinary to start living the extraordinary. 

Meet Corey, Founder & Lead Facilitator


live in the light: building a powerful foundation

To make powerful change, first you've got to get to the root of what's keeping you the same. You've got to peel back the layers and get at the foundation.

You just simply cannot build a brilliant life on a shaky foundation of limiting beliefs. And, here's the thing: you've have all kinds of beliefs stuck in your head and heart that you can't see and that you don't know that you can't see and, they are blocking you from the things that you really want in life.  

It's time to tear away the existing foundation (*cue bulldozer) and build anew. You can create a heart centered and fiercly solid foundation upon which, anything is possible. 

You deserve a life that truly lights you up- a life full of vitality, joy and abundance! Foundation of Light is a lifestyle transformation program that dismantles the aspects of your current life that are keeping you small and trapped on the merry-go-round of the same old, tired, uninspired outcomes. Then, from a place of authenticity and true power, the program guides you, step-by-step, to build anew upon the most powerful foundation. 

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