bring the light | token pouch v2


bring the light | token pouch v2


our latest version of the bring the light token pouch is slightly bigger than its predecessor and boasts a beautiful laced-design. 

complete with citrine & rose quartz, this pouch comes full of light & love. 

citrine is joyful stone with bright energy that lights ups many aspects of lives  of those who work with it. it has energies of good fortune and good luck; it's a happy stone known to bring happiness to the person who carries or wears it. it removes negative energy and brings positivity. 

and the rose quartz adds the love. because there is always room for a little love. 

bring the light of these treasured stones with you anywhere while keeping them close to your heart. 

handmade. with love. locally | 100% genuine leather 

available in natural 

pouch size: 3 1/2 " x 3" | hangs: 14-16 inches

*each pouch has is slightly unique due to natural variations in the leather


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